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Exclusive Interview with Oklahoma's Newest MX Track "Shogun MX Park"!

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It's always great to see new motocross tracks open up in towns across Oklahoma! Especially, when they are family owned and built from the ground up, with hard work and the owner's own money.

That is exactly how one of Oklahoma's newest tracks,Shogun MX Park near Atoka, OK started. I contacted owner Shawn Sherrard and interviewed him about his passion for MX and what it takes to start a new track. Read the interview and view more photos below.



Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Shawn Sherrard, I live in Stringtown with my wife and 3 kids. I work at the Mcalester Army Ammunition Plant as an electronics tech. I am in partners with my parents Tom and Cindy Sherrard from Lane, Ok. They are retired.

How long have you been riding bikes?
Me and my 2 oldest kids have been riding since 2002. My son Zeke is now 11 and rides a RM85 and my daughter Zariel is 13 and rides a Honda CRF230. 
What made you want to build a track and when did you first know you
wanted to?
We have been wanting to build a track for about 3 years. We wanted a track closer to home and and just liked the idea of meeting new people and trying to get more people around us into riding.

How long has it taken to get the track built?
We have been working on it since April.


Did you have any funding or are you doing it all by yourself?
We did not have funding and just waiting to get more money to build more stuff in the track.

Have you had any setbacks since deciding to build it?
Just the rain.
How big is the track and do you plan to build more?
The track is approx. .8 tenths of a mile. Probably won't make it much longer, just add more dirt when we can to keep changing and making stuff bigger and better.

What skill level is the track?
Right now it is probably  a novice track, but good for beginners.

What has been the response so far in your area?
Positive. A lot of people say they are going to try to get into it.

When will the track open and what will the schedule be?
We opened for our first practice on 8-21. We will be open every weekend at 8am for prepped practice for $15 and if someone wants to ride during the week all they have to do is call and they can ride unprepped for $10. 

When do you expect to be holding you first race?
I am trying to get the start gates built, so hopefully sometime in late september.


What kind of dirt can we expect to ride on your track?
The jumps are clay based. The natural dirt is a black dirt sandy loamy mix. Not sure of the proper name.

Would you like to thank anyone for helping?
Bob Wyrick, Toy Soldiers, Peggy and Wesley Sherrard, Brooks American Made Customs
Do you have any track sponsors and are you looking for them?
We do not have sponsors. Yes I am looking, just don't know where to look.


I just want to say thanks to Shawn for doing the interview and ask everyone to go visit his track! Shogun MX Park is located 10 miles east of Atoka on Hwy 3 in Lane, OK and you can find it on our track map. The site for the track is

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